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Writing is the art of painting yourself into a corner and then pointing to a trapeze that wasn't there a moment ago.

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Published works
Published works

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When we last left our hero
When we last left our hero

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Seat Of Our Pants Audio
Seat Of Our Pants Audio

Radio dramas from my own theatre company, the Seat Of Our Pants Players.

Feeling Peckish

The holiday feasts have ended, and so we begin the new year. If any of you are like me and trying to lose weight, you occasionally find yourself fantasizing about foods you can’t have.

But if you’re going to fantasize, why not go all the way? If you could eat in the realm of your favorite fandom, what’s your choice?

Where shall we go to dinner?
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Ho! Ho! GO!

You hold in your hand the Great Delete Button. Gifted from an alien race centuries ago, it has the power to erase one thing, not only from history, but from reality itself. Yes, with a push of this button, you can take something and erase it from existence. Further, there will be no possibility that anyone could ever re-invent it, so it will be forever gone, never to return.

Just two problems.

  1. You have only enough charge to make the Great Delete Button work once. It won’t recharge for another 150 years.
  2. The blasted thing is set to “Winter Holiday,” so you’ll only be able to get rid of something related to the season.

And so, the question becomes…

What shall we say our final Happy Holidays to?
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Happy Holidays, everybody.

Always thinking with your stomach.

Your Thanksgiving celebration has run into a bit of a snag. You, your guests, and most of the sides and desserts have been transported to a distant alien planet.

While you’re all safe, the turkey wasn’t yet on the table when the wormhole opens up. You’re determined, however to present your guests with a suitable main dish.

So which creature from famous science-fiction franchises will be gracing your table?

What goes best with cranberry sauce?
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The Weekly Geeky – Dal-X

The ultimate evil approaches earth. They are creatures bred to have every emotion removed — every emotion but hate that is. Hiding in mechanical suits (which some say look like pepper pots with a plunger sticking out), these creatures have brought even the lords of time to near extinction.

Earth has only one line of defense. In Westchester County, NY is a very special school for children born with powers they must learn to control. A powerful psychic founded the school and named his students after the X-factor in their genes.

It will not be the first time these mutants have faced off against threats from beyond the stars. But will it be the last?

Who will emerge victorious?
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A question with some bite.

In a case of the worst luck in recorded human history, you walked into the middle of a meeting between a vampire, a werewolf and a zombie.

Then, just to prove that Fate hates you, all three of them managed to bite you. The bites were simultaneous, or nearly so.

So the three most contagious monsters of the season have spread their curses to you. It’s a battle of the supernatural curses (unless your particular zombie was caused by mad science.) So the question becomes:

What will you become?
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