Trouble for the Tooth Fairy – Chapter Five

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“Oh, dear. We should perhaps . . .”

“They’re so teeny!”

“Yes, well, proportionally, those spears are rather large on them, and they certainly can kill me, if not you. We should go!”

You used a lot of energy to get here, but no time to be subtle. You’ve got to get her away and quickly. You can skip a few dimensions and go straight to number eleven.

“This might be less pleasant than the last trip.”

And then you fold yourself inside out and turn your blood into soda pop.

“That was ickier than last time.” The girl holds her nose, as though she still smells the eighth dimension, which is possible.

“Shh.” You insist. The trouble with anything above the ninth dimension is that it’s nearly impossible to get anywhere accurately. You were hoping to to get to the wall of great city, but you could be several kilometers away, or even . . .

In the palace of the Enamel Emperor.

“Oh, bother.”

——— Wait, so what do I do now?

You will notice two TBD slots on the poll. These are meant to be filled out by YOU.

If you have a suggestion for another path the Tooth Fairy should take, please comment on this site, or send it to our Facebook page. (Like us while there if you don’t already, please and thank you.) Get your suggestions in by Tuesday because I’ll be updating the poll on Wedmesday with your suggestions.

You may vote now (though I ask that you not vote for a TBD until it no longer says TBD). If you’d prefer to wait until all the options are up on the poll, feel free, but get your votes in before next Friday when a winner will be chosen, and a new Chapter will be posted.

So make your choice.

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