Trouble for the Tooth Fairy — Chapter Six

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“Where are we?”

“This is the palace of his royal imperial majesty, lord of all the lands from the Toothpaste Lake to the Dentin Mines, sovereign of all he beholds, and supreme ruler of the Tooth Fairy council, Throckmorton Olivier Oglethorpe Thaddeus Haverford the 32nd, the Enamel Emperor.”

You ought to have gotten that right, they drilled it into you since the age of three hours.

“Is he like a king or something?”

You wince. “Emperor, please. I understand he’s a bit touchy about the difference.”

“What is the difference?”

“No idea.”

She stares at the shining walls all around her. “Do I get to meet him?”

You sigh. You were going to get found out anyway. “Yes. Yes, I suppose you must. Look, it’s very rude to deny an emperor anything, so will you please just give your tooth to him? I promise I will still show you what happens to the teeth if it’s still within my power to do so.”

She looks at the tooth in her hand. “Okay.”

“Good. He might let us live that way.”


“Come on!” You are not particularly familiar with the palace, but finding the Emperor is easy. You just go to the closest part of the palace that you’ve never been allowed to go to before.





You understand why the Emperor’s guards use dental drills. What could instill more fear in their opponents? But it does make it difficult to have a conversation.

“Oh, it’s you.” Marvin comes to play Bridge at your house once a month. “What’s with the giant?”

“This little girl would like to present her tooth directly to the Emperor.”

Marvin gives you a skeptical look. “You messed this one up pretty bad, and you’re trying to put a good face on it, ain’t you?”

“Well needs must.”

He shakes his head. “Well, lucky for you, his Imperial Majesty is not engaged in any important state business like a nap. He’ll see you.”

The Emperor sits on a throne putting him just about at eye level with the girl. Slowly, making sure to stop for frequent bowing and grovelling, you make your way to him.

“What, precisely, is going on?”

“I am Field Agent Number 24601. This young lady wishes to present you with her recently lost baby tooth herself. I could not deny her such a sweet request.”

“Here you go, your highness.” She very nearly shoves the tooth in his face.

“She means Imperial Majesty!” It comes out as a squeak.

The Emperor takes the tooth from her. “Very nice,” he says, examining it. “You take excellent care of your teeth.”

The little girl smiles, showing the missing one off to full effect.

“Now rip out the rest of her teeth and throw her in the dungeon for her sheer audacity.” The Emperor casually waves you away.

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