Trouble for the Tooth Fairy — Chapter Seven

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“Your regal and imperial majesty! Your benevolent and beloved monarch! Ye whom the sun will not dare to set afore such time as you would wish it.”

“I sense that you want something from me.” The emperor looks down on you casually.

“I implore you to demonstrate that legendary trait you are so known for the length and breadth of the land!”

“My stamp collection?”

“Your mercy, my sovereign liege. This sweet and innocent peasant girl . . .”

She chimes in. “I’m not a peasant. Mommy says I’m a princess.”

“Quiet!” you say out of the corner of your mouth before returning your address to the emperor. “This girl wished only to bask for a moment in your regal glory. Surely you can show her some understanding when you have such empathy in abundance.”

“Oh, I understand the urge quite well, but you see, it’s not allowed.”

“Yes, but, exalted one, she had no way to know that.”

He considers. “No, I suppose she did not.” He narrows his eyes at you. “But you certainly did.”

“Well, yes, but that’s not the point.”

“Are you sure? It does seem to be the point.” He looks behind you to his guards who have entered the room. “Change of plans, Marvin. Send one of your men to fetch me someone to look after this little princess until she may be taken back to her home. As for my loyal collection agent here, take him to the dungeon and maybe beat him about the head and shoulders for a while if you’re so inclined.”

“For how long, my lord?”

“The beating? Oh, as long as you feel like it. But if you meant how long in the dungeon . . .” He looks up to the sky, calculating. “Let us say until such time as we have all the baby teeth from this girl’s great-great-great-great grandchildren.”

Well, that didn’t go as planned. You need a way out and fast.

——— Wait, so what do I do now?

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