Trouble for the Tooth Fairy – Chapter 8

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“Your regalness! I can’t possibly go to the dungeon.”

“I think you’ll find that, in fact, you very much can.”

“No, that’s not what I mean. I have promised to show this girl what will become of her tooth. I can’t possibly leave such a pledge unfulfilled.”

“I have two problems with that. First, more than one person has made a solemn pledge to be somewhere or do something and then found themselves unable to fulfill that pledge due to being incarcerated. I doubt you’d even be the first such person this week. The second problem I have is that, as you very well know you had no business making such a promise. Marvin, take him away.”

Pleeeeeeeeeease!” The little girl hits octaves Marvin’s dental drill would have trouble with. The emperor stares at her in a mixture of horror and pity. “He promised to show me.”

The emperor closes his eyes and lets out a sigh like a steam engine coming to a stop. “You have twenty minutes – and no manipulation of the timeline. Show her what she needs to see, and then get back here to receive the punishment you know perfectly well that you deserve.”

“Thank you, your grace, your immensity, your awesome and revered . . .”

“Nineteen minutes and thirty seconds.”

——— Wait, so what do I do now?

You will notice two TBD slots on the poll. These are meant to be filled out by YOU.

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So make your choice.

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