The Nyce List – Chapter One

“Nancy Nyce, private detective, at your service.”

“Hello, Nancy, been a while.”

You sit up in your chair. There aren’t many clients whose voices you’d recognize immediately, but this is definitely one of them.

“Mr. Kringle. Yes, it has, sir. I wasn’t sure you’d be needing my services again.”

“Last year, I didn’t. But this year, I checked the list twice, and I’m still not sure what to do with this one. He’s mostly a good boy, but he’s done some naughty things, and I’m not sure if he’s really sorry for them or not. I trust you’re not too busy to take the case?”

He knows darn well you’re not. He sees you when you’re sleeping, after all, and you were napping right before this phone call.

“I can handle it, Mr. Kringle. Same rates as before?”

“That’s more than acceptable, Nancy. I’ll even make sure some of the Mrs.’s peppermint bark winds up under your tree if you pull this one off.”

You grin from ear to ear. “With incentive like that, how can I say no. Email me the particulars as soon as you can, please.”

You take a glance at your calendar. Three days until Christmas Eve, meaning you’ve got exactly three days to get this boy onto the Nice list.

The file labeled “Jack” doesn’t have much information. A photo of John Livingston Jr. with his single father. You’ve got his address and the school he goes to, and information on the father’s workplace as well. The Kringles don’t like to share details about what children do to get on one list or another, but you use some slightly Naughty software to hack into the school computer. There’s not much of a disciplinary record, but you didn’t expect one for a kid on the fence.

It’s not a lot to go on, but you’ve worked with less. It’s now time to figure out a strategy. They’ve got some Christmas shopping to do tomorrow. Perhaps you’d better use that to your advantage.

——— Wait, so what do I do now?

You will notice two TBD slots on the poll. These are meant to be filled out by YOU.

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You may vote now (though I ask that you not vote for a TBD until it no longer says TBD). If you’d prefer to wait until all the options are up on the poll, feel free, but get your votes in before next Sunday when a winner will be chosen, and a new Chapter will be posted.

So make your choice.


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