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I suspect there are some new eyeballs taking a look at this site, so allow me to sum up. We will be telling a story together. Every so often during the course of the main character’s wanderings, a poll will appear asking you to select the next choice for the character to make. At least two of those options will be blank, so unlike some of the other “Choose Your Own” options out there, you can offer a new alternative either by commenting here or on our Facebook page.

However, before we can get into that, we need to decide which story to tell. Four teasers for story ideas are below. Use the poll at the bottom to place your vote.


“I’m sorry?”

“Did I stutter, Agent Kelso?” The assistant director looks directly at you and holds your gaze for a very long time. That’s one of her signature moves. “You know more about the Moretti Art theft than anyone in the Bureau. You provided us with the whereabouts of the perpetrators, discovered the artwork that was returned for a ransom was a forgery, and you gave the Justice Department enough evidence to put the criminals behind bars for years and years and years. Now, I want you to complete the investigation and locate the missing artwork.”

“Umm . . .”

“Agent, this is not a request. This is an assignment. You did good work, now finish the job. I want to know where those missing paintings ended up, and I want to know really, really soon.

You nod emphatically. If you could speak behind the lump in your throat, you’d tell her exactly where the paintings are. They’re currently sitting in the closet in your bedroom behind a pile of dirty clothes.

But it’s so totally not your fault.


The moon is full outside, and its brightness makes the shadows inside the palace all the darker. That’s an excellent thing, because you need to hide just now.

All across the country, they chatter about the strange thief who who breaks into the most secure locked vaults and strong boxes and leaves behind a flower known as a Lady’s Slipper. Some have taken to calling him the “Sly Slipper,” or simply “that thief.” Some claim he gives the wealth to the poor, but no one knows for sure. He’s made his way past dozens of armed guards, and picks the most complicated locks as though he were opening a curtain.

You saw the princess lock away the tiara the duchess presented her earlier tonight in the wall safe. Common sense tells you that that thief could never be captured by a mere palace servant like you. However, there’s a voice in your head which keeps asking one insistent question.

“What if you did catch him?”


In Goblintown, there is mourning and celebration all at the same time. That is the way of things when the Great Baker passes. She was a wise goblin, well-beloved of all, and you’ll particularly miss the caramel nuggets she used to save especially for you.

At the same time, though, anticipation runs throughout the town. Only when the Great Baker passes on to the great goblin city below the earth is THE CAKE made. Once a generation, the whole of Goblintown feasts on the dessert which they shall remember for the rest of their lives. It is a celebration of her life, and a passing of the torch to the next Great Baker. As her most experienced apprentice, that would be you.

You open the recipe book which has passed down from generation to generation. The recipe for THE CAKE has always been off limits to you, but today you turn to the back page and study it in detail. This will be days of work, but entirely worth the effort. You come finally to the last paragraph of the recipe.

“Just before baking, add one cup of the secret ingredient.”

And you have no idea what that might be.


The landscape is barren and bleak before you. You pull your coat tight around you against the bitter winter chill. You’ve been away from this valley for far too long, but at the same time, you wish you could have lived your life out without returning. 

Ten years ago, that thing came and took the little girl. You and your aunt searched  the valley until you found it, but you were then too late. They found the shallow grave you buried her in three years ago, but by then, the traces of the unspeakable that is the monster of this valley were lost to the body. You couldn’t spare her family their pain, but at least you spared them the fear.

You and your aunt drove this thing to ground. You both hoped it would die from its wounds. You both knew it would not. Now it is only you. Your aunt died peacefully years ago, and you wear her necklace in remembrance.

Two children were taken this time. The police have searched, of course, but they do not know what they are looking for. Only you, only someone of the Hunter family knows how to look. You are the last chance for those two children.

And you are rightly terrified.


Please place your votes by February 16th. We shall begin the new story on February 17th.



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