Art Heist Agony: Chapter Two

If you missed Chapter 1, you can read it here.

You slowly made your way out of the chair on which you sat, moving as silently as possible. You waited long enough that your shadow crossing the light spilling out into the hallway is unlikely to attract their attention, and you followed the burglar.

You were reasonably certain you were following a woman based on her build and small stature. She went to an office door that looked like all the other doors as far as you could see. Then she pulled a crowbar out of her jacket. This was your second surprise of the night. The lock on that door, if it were indeed locked, could have been picked with a credit card or a stickpin by anyone who’d taken ten minutes online to watch a video showing them how to do so. Instead, the woman seemed to have gone out of her way to make this break-in obvious. You watched her struggle for five minutes making way too much noise before the cheap wood of the door gave way.

The next few minutes made you question your decision to not interfere quite yet. The woman seemed far more intent on vandalism than on theft. She scattered papers about the room, knocked books off shelves, poured several bottled waters onto the office computer, and generally made all sorts of mayhem.

The last thing she did, however, was obviously calculated. She opened the bottom drawer of a particular filing cabinet, stuffed all of the files into a satchel, and high-tailed it out of the room. You had just enough time to duck back out of her way as she walked briskly to the nearest exit.

Thankfully, your car was in the same lot. You gave her enough time to get out without seeing your headlights come on, but managed to catch up to her before she disappeared into the midst of the city. (Memorizing the plate number helped as well.)

So you were close enough to her to see her double park her car, jump out of it, pull one file out of the satchel and throw the rest of them, bag and all, into a nearby dumpster.

——— Wait, so what do I do now?

You will notice two TBD slots on the poll. These are meant to be filled out by YOU.

If you have a suggestion for another option for Agent Kelso to have taken, please comment on this site, or send it to our Facebook page. (Like us while there if you don’t already, please and thank you.) Get your suggestions in by Tuesday because I’ll be updating the poll on Wednesday with your suggestions.

A little side note here: We all know that eventually this story winds up with Agent Kelso having a stack of paintings behind a pile of dirty laundry. What we don’t know is how it got there! I encourage you all to find creative ways to mess with me. The challenge here is write me into a corner, presenting a situation where Agent Kelso cannot possibly wind up where he or she is supposed to. Then you choosy geeks get to watch me squirm and find a way to make the impossible happen.

So be ruthless! (In the nicest possible way.)

You may vote now (though I ask that you not vote for a TBD until it no longer says TBD). If you’d prefer to wait until all the options are up on the poll, feel free, but get your votes in before next Sunday when a winner will be chosen, and a new Chapter will be posted.

So make your choice.

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