I thank you all for your patience. Choose Your Own Geekery is back with a new format.

Below are four possible beginnings to a story. Click on the link to view chapter one of each story. Then use the poll at the bottom to pick the one you want to hear more about.

And the sharp-eyed among you will notice there are five possible options on the poll.

If you aren’t in love with any of these options, tell me what you want. You can use the comments section on this page or you can post on our Facebook page. Give me an idea for a story to tell.

I’ll choose one suggestion if any appear and add them to the poll. Place your suggestions by August 30th.

Cold Digs — A Paleontological dig in the least hospitable place on earth. Don’t expect things to get better when you actually find something.

Pepperoni and Cheese Detective Agency (Volume 2) — Everyone’s favorite teen detectives are back. Our last story was told from Parker’s point of view. This one will be from Ash’s.  (And if you missed out on Volume 1, you can read the whole story HERE.)

Division of Dragon’s Loot — Every adventurer dreams of the untold riches of a dragon’s hoard. Well, you’ve got first choice of the treasures, but you’re surrounded by somewhat less than savory fellows. Slaying the dragon might have been the easy part.

Rock-Em Sock-Em Romance — They said it couldn’t be done. In a world where giant robots battle for entertainment, what possible room could there be for a love story? Well, it can indeed be done. Should it? That’s for you to decide.

Which story would you like to tell with us?
20 votes · 20 answers


Votes will close on September 22nd. The new story (with new options to progress) will appear on September 30th. If you need a reminder, events will be available on Facebook.

Let’s do this . . .

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  1. Michael says:

    I sure hope Cheese Burger Brother’s Investigators don’t gum up the works for our favourite gumshoes.

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