Cold Digs: Chapter Four

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You stare at the area where the rock came from. Kim follows your gaze. “What do you think?”

She frowns. “I can probably make that climb.”

“A fifteen foot fall should not have anything to do with the word ‘probably.'”

“You’re probably right.” She shrugs. “Me first, that way if I start to fall, you can catch me.” She probably wanted nothing to do with the look on your face which indicated your skepticism of this plan. That would be why she continued walking without looking back at you.

The incline to go up from where you are to the turn in the corridor is steep, but not insanely so. The bigger issue is that the surface is smooth, offering almost nothing to hold on to. You follow Kim, the two of you virtually crawling to the top. By the time you’ve reached it, Kim has tears in her eyes from the pain in her wrist.

It’s considerably worse when you realize you’ve reached a dead end.

If your theory is correct and the surface you just climbed was supposed to be a floor, then the thing on your right is probably a door set a few feet within the new corridor. It’s a door you have no idea how to open, however. There is some kind of access panel on one side, but given the difference between what should be the floor and which way gravity is pointing, it’s well out of reach.

“Are we sure the rock came from here?”

“There’s no other ‘here’ here,” you reply.

“So there must be a way to open this door.”

“I don’t know about ‘must be.’ There could just as easily be exactly no way to open it from this side.” You point to a space near the door where the surface of the wall juts out. “Could that maybe be for ventilation? Maybe the rock came through that. And there–” You were about to take a closer look, when you froze, suddenly.

“What’s wrong?”

You swallow. “There are two things. First, when I moved toward the door, I kicked something. I’m pretty sure there are three or four rocks like the one we found downstairs at my feet just now.”

Kim grunts. She is already tired of rocks as a communication system. “You have this tendency to bury the lead. What is the second thing, which I’m guessing is the more important.”

“I’m fairly certain I just stepped on something that made a clicking sound.”

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