And now, something new.

Choose Your Own Geekery is changing its focus. Long form stories where you, the reader get to vote on the next chapter are not sustainable. I will go into more detail at some point, but for now, we enter a new world.

Happy Thursday. For the foreseeable future, Thursday will be the home of The Weekly Geeky!

“Umm… Kay? Wozzat?”

The Weekly Geeky is where you, the Choosy Geeks who make this site what it is, get to have your say in the sort of debates that I love thinking about. Some pop culture, some mythology, lots and lots of crossovers.

What we need is an example, and lo and behold, I have one!

A certain green muppet with ears has told us that the dark side is anger, fear, and aggression.

In another universe lives a billionaire in a bat suit who fights crime with those exact tools.

Should these universes collide, would the vigilante be seduced to the side of dark?

What's the fate of a Bat in a Galaxy far, far away?
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Make your votes here. You may also share your comments here or on my Facebook Page.

Thank you for joining me on this new era in Choose Your Own Geekery.

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