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Always thinking with your stomach.

Your Thanksgiving celebration has run into a bit of a snag. You, your guests, and most of the sides and desserts have been transported to a distant alien planet.

While you’re all safe, the turkey wasn’t yet on the table when the wormhole opens up. You’re determined, however to present your guests with a suitable main dish.

So which creature from famous science-fiction franchises will be gracing your table?

What goes best with cranberry sauce?
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The Weekly Geeky – Dal-X

The ultimate evil approaches earth. They are creatures bred to have every emotion removed — every emotion but hate that is. Hiding in mechanical suits (which some say look like pepper pots with a plunger sticking out), these creatures have brought even the lords of time to near extinction.

Earth has only one line of defense. In Westchester County, NY is a very special school for children born with powers they must learn to control. A powerful psychic founded the school and named his students after the X-factor in their genes.

It will not be the first time these mutants have faced off against threats from beyond the stars. But will it be the last?

Who will emerge victorious?
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A question with some bite.

In a case of the worst luck in recorded human history, you walked into the middle of a meeting between a vampire, a werewolf and a zombie.

Then, just to prove that Fate hates you, all three of them managed to bite you. The bites were simultaneous, or nearly so.

So the three most contagious monsters of the season have spread their curses to you. It’s a battle of the supernatural curses (unless your particular zombie was caused by mad science.) So the question becomes:

What will you become?
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The Weekly Geeky – Spirited Corpses

The October nights are filled with the spirits of the long dead who wallk about the land seeking a weak willed mortal whose body they may control.

And speaking of “walkers”…

Can a ghost possess a zombie?
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The Weekly Geeky – A long time ago under a full moon far, far away.

For over a thousand generations, these knights of the Republic have been the guardians of peace. But for this week’s question, peace is not on the menu.

In a battle to the death between a werewolf and a force-user, can the knight rely on his weapon of choice?

Will the laser sword kill the werewolf?
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