How This Sucker Works

Once the site is up and running, here are the general guidelines:

I’m going to tell you a story.

If you’re familiar with the old Choose Your Own Adventure books, these will seem a little familiar. Every so often I’ll stop the story and give you the chance to tell me what the character does next. There will be a poll on the side for you to choose from the options given to you.

But unlike those books, which only gave you a very few options, you have the ability to enter your own choices. Don’t want to take the path on the left ¬†or the road on the right? You’d rather jump in the lake and swim to the other side? Then tell me that! Put your suggestions in the comments section for each chapter of the story. (There’s a handy link that says “Leave a comment.”)

I’ll give you a deadline for when I will stop accepting suggestions. Then I’ll choose some of the best (and possibly adjust them a bit to make them fit better) and add them to the poll.

When the poll is done (again, I’ll give you a deadline) then the majority rules and that’s what the character does next.

Just be aware. Choices have consequences.

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    Bonnie volunteers the information that you are hurt.

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