Ho! Ho! GO!

You hold in your hand the Great Delete Button. Gifted from an alien race centuries ago, it has the power to erase one thing, not only from history, but from reality itself. Yes, with a push of this button, you can take something and erase it from existence. Further, there will be no possibility that anyone could ever re-invent it, so it will be forever gone, never to return.

Just two problems.

  1. You have only enough charge to make the Great Delete Button work once. It won’t recharge for another 150 years.
  2. The blasted thing is set to “Winter Holiday,” so you’ll only be able to get rid of something related to the season.

And so, the question becomes…

What shall we say our final Happy Holidays to?
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Please vote here. You can also leave a comment, or come and let me know what you think on our Facebook page.

Happy Holidays, everybody.

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