Dicey Dealings: Chapter Eight

“We should get closer and see if we can figure out what’s going on.” Brandi glances at you for permission before grabbing the grey stealth die. I want to sneak up on them and listen in.

“Hang on,” says Jerry. He points at you. “He’s got a universal translation matrix in his head. How are you going to understand them.”

“Maybe I won’t, but if this guy’s a criminal, he’s likely to speak something I know. If I do understand them, it’s more likely we’ve found our quarry.”

Jerry shrugs, “That’s a theory. Roll it.”

She rolls the stealth die. Jerry looks at the figure printed on the top, then consults the charts in the book.

“Well?” Brandi asks.

“You’ll find out.” He smiles. “So you sneak down the hill as best you can and you approach the camp. They’re speaking an odd dialect of a common language spoken in a nearby nebula. You do understand it, Brandi, but only about every other word.” He looks at you. “You, on the other hand get it in full detail. The gist of what you’re hearing is that one of them has recently returned to the group, and the others aren’t happy to see him. They seem to be upset that his ship was followed here.”

“Sounds like our boy.” Brandi smirks.

“You can’t see him clearly from this vantage point, but it seems likely. The prodigal son is insisting that being pursued was a good thing. They can overpower his pursuers and take over the ship. It’s not all that convincing to the others, and they seem very unsure of themselves in a fight. He just keeps on saying things like “They can’t shoot us all!”

Brandi snorts. “I think the only limiting factor there is ammo, right?”

“Interesting that you should say that, because five of them come at you from behind at that moment. Their weapons look old, but functional.”

“So I guess I failed that stealth roll?”

“I guess you did. What’s your next move?”


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