Previously, Choose Your Own Geekery focused on ongoing stories where you, The Chosen Geeks, could vote for the next turn of the story.

While some quality work came from these, as an author, I have found it necessary to focus my writing time and energy elsewhere. It’s possible future stories will come up again, but for now, we will focus on another aspect of Geekery.

And so I present The Weekly Geeky. Once a week, I will present a question which the world of geeks needs to be settled. Perhaps two pop culture icons will meet in battle. Perhaps mythological beasts will be compared and contrasted. You will get to vote and determine the truth once and for all.

So come by, comment, vote, and most especially, revel in your geekery.

Daniel Wentzel

The Chosen Geek

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  1. yvette says:


    Bonnie volunteers the information that you are hurt.

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