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Welcome to the audio dramas of the Seat of Our Pants Players.  (Hey, why don’t you like us on Facebook, he asked shamelessly:  You can do so here .)

This is a theatre troupe I started years ago. In addition to being a superbly talented group of people, they’re a supremely NICE group of people. So I am honored to be able to spread their talent around in a format which our audience can enjoy even if they can’t make it to one of our live shows.

More episodes will be posted all the time. Come and visit!

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KGDY — When your city is threatened by giant robots and aliens and defended by men in tights and shiny capes, where can you turn to for the latest traffic and weather reports? Tune in to Metrodelphia’s number one news station, KGDY!

Tune in now!


The Lovecraft Detective AgencyNo sane man can know of the horrors from the worlds beyond, but Mordecai Lovecraft doesn’t let a little thing like sanity get in his way. Come follow his adventures. You only have your mind to lose!

Click here unspeakable horrors.


Rawhide Law — The rootinest tootinest gunslinger west of the Mississippi ain’t quite what you might think. But enough of flapping my jaws. Get to listening!

Time to rustle up some adventure!


The Playroom — The tales of the Brothers Grimm really aren’t children’s stories no matter what anyone tells you. So why is Lady Ariella telling them to  these adorable little ones?

 Punch and Cookies after the story! How nice.


Detective Danger & The Amazon — Two superheroes whose secret identities REALLY can’t stand each other.

It’s positively Shakespearean.


Little Audio Gems — Anything else we happen  to cobble together that doesn’t fit into the categories above.

A hunt for something new and wonderful!


6 thoughts on “Theatre Of The Awesome

  1. Julia says:

    Soooo much fun to listen to. More more more!

    1. The Chosen Geek says:

      Definitely more on the way, I’m looking to add about one a month at this point.

      Share with everybody!

  2. Frank Musick says:

    And I say unto you…. Awesome!

  3. Liz says:

    I’m laughing at work and they don’t know why!

  4. kimberlie says:

    loving these!!! thank you!!!

    1. The Chosen Geek says:

      Thank you.

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