From your author and the chosen geek, Dan Wentzel:

I’m a writer, though I know you’ve probably never heard of me. I’m also an actor, a director, and — I grudgingly admit it — a guy who has to hold down a 9-5. If you know me at all, odds are pretty good that it’s through the Renaissance Faire circuit, where I’ve been portraying Nick Bottom with The Mad Mechanicals for years now. (

It was suggested that I start a blog, and I’ll be honest, the idea didn’t thrill me. A blog is all about what think, what want to talk about, how I believe the world could be better. No offense to those who have really gotten the hang of this blogging thing, but it all seemed a little too narcissistic for me.

On the other hand, telling you a story is something I can do. More to the point it’s something, I want to do. I love the art of the story.

I started Choose Your Own Geekery on Facebook, but wanted to open it up to more of you. So here we are. This is just the beginning. There’s much more to come, and I hope you’ll enjoy the ride with me.

2 thoughts on “Who Are You?

  1. Todd Smith says:

    Love the idea! I’m in!

  2. Scott Walton says:

    Sounds like fun. Let the geekery begin.

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